Upload vs. Download – What’s the difference between a House of Prayer Session & Rejuvenation Session

First things first… None of what I about to share contains an intended exclusivity, meaning that uploads can happen during rejuvenation sets and downloads during house of prayer set… MY POINT is to write this based on a general FOCUS and PURPOSE for these different types of experiences in God.

Generally, the Tabernacle of David/House of Prayer is a place to Vertically Release our Worship and/or Prayer unto the Lord. Primarily the focus is on the Lord and issues relating to the church at large, the kingdom of God and many times specific issues relating to Government of the issues of our day. With a decade in and around the House of Prayer “movement”, these are the things that I have personally come to perceive.

The reason I released what I did above in the FIRST paragraph was so that none of my readers would think that I thought that only CERTAIN things happen at certain venues. What I am pointing out is that the more you FOCUS on something the more it seems to occur.

My desire with REJUVENATION is to FOCUS on tuning in and waiting for the downloads of the Lord. We want to hear his voice speak and sing and we want to see in the spirit to perceive his dance… His JOY and PEACE over us. Worship and Prayer will inevitably take place, but the focus of Rejuvenation is to HEAR and thus become DOERS of His WORD.

I felt led to distinguish between what I have come to see the focus of Houses of Prayer become versus what I feel the Lord is calling me to focus on with Rejuvenation. If I felt it was the same thing, I would not be holding these meetings or trying to build a network of Rejuvenation Download Centers. These Download Centers will not be buildings, but simply whenever and wherever people decide to gather with the intention of waiting on and hearing the voice of the Lord. Sometimes this will be in churches, sometimes in Houses of Prayer, sometimes living rooms and sometimes outside!

I believe that Rejuvenation is a FORMAT, if you want to call it that, that can fit in to the current House of Prayer model as another expression that can be released in the midst of Apostolic Prayers, Prophetic Intercession, Devotional Worship etc… What’s the difference between a devotional set and Rejuvenation?

Previous in the Blog Archive, I taught on the difference between a Minstrel and Psalmist. When you come to MY DEVOTIONAL SET, you are in essence attending my vertical expression to the Lord. I am putting my intimacy on display and others are sharing in on and even engaging in on what I am experiencing. This is great, but what makes the Minstrel different from the Psalmist and what makes a Devotional Set different from a Rejuvenation Set is that Rejuvenation creates A NEUTRAL ATMOSPHERE in which EACH PERSON IN THE ROOM IS ENCOURAGED TO CREATE THEIR OWN PERSONAL PLACE OF INTIMACY WITH THE LORD. Please know that I believe all of these expressions are valid, necessary and good. I am simply called to focus on Rejuvenation, On Atmosphere Creation and the Release of the Prophetic.


There are three things that I always believe will happen in a Rejuvenation Meeting.
1- I will function as a Minstrel and create an atmosphere conducive to hearing the Lord
2- I will function in the prophetic, and release what I hear the Lord saying as He directs.
3- Those gathering will hear what the Spirit of the Lord is SAYING

As a Minstrel, I create atmosphere and sometimes I get “prophetic” in the midst of the atmosphere I myself create. The goal is not to simply create a place for myself to hear and release, but to create a place for others to HEAR and to be RELEASED into becoming doers of the WORD THAT THEY WILL HEAR.

My rule for this blog is not to write BOOKS, BUT BLOG POSTS SO I AM DONE… If you want more, comment and ask questions and I hope to see you at a Rejuvenation Gathering in the future.

Talk to you soon… Jason


2 Responses to “Upload vs. Download – What’s the difference between a House of Prayer Session & Rejuvenation Session”

  1. Well said. Just boiling it all down….Listening Party is my favorite explanation. But many do not understand the process of creating an atmosphere of worship and listening. Great explanation.


    Greetings Jason
    I typed Christian Minstrel in Google as I was searching how Worshiping and Playing Christian Music OUTSIDE a Formal Church Environment can touch those who are currently Unbelivers with THe Presence of God

    I strange thing happened to me two years ago I was walking through an OUTDOOR Shopping Area in the town where I live BEDFORD UK ( Great Britain ) And I had a feeling as if God was saying to me “Could you stand up and Preach to these people sitting on the Benches outside This Shopping Complex ? ” I said no

    Two years later another strange thing happened in God’s timing
    I was in the same Shopping Area again and I noticed a man with an amplified guitar singing After ten minutes listening I realised that EVERY song that he sang was a Modern Christian Worship Song
    When threre was a pause in the music I introduced myself to the man He was Church Preacher from another Town However God gave this man the burden and desire to sometime go to other Towns and Sing Christian Songs in the Open Air to help bring God’s PRESENCE to the Town Centre

    I then asked him CAN I JOIN YOU SINGING !!!!! He said Yes if you know the Songs
    So I joined him singing for the next fifteen minutes while he carried on playing the guitar I

    t was so WONDERFUL to Worship God and be thankful to THe Lord Jesus in the BEDFORD SHOPPING CENTRE and I was quietly praying that God would touch the hearts of the people there through the Christian Worship Songs

    This was the FIRST TIME in my life that I worshiped with another Christian in th Open Air OUTSIDE A fORMAL CHURCH BUILDING
    ( Apart from a Christian Open Air Easter Festival in the Town Centre )

    I also realised afterwards that God may want to use me as a WORSHIPER to touch the lives of others OUTSIDE THE FORMAL CHURCH BUILDING context ( Although God has not made me a Preacher !!!! ) I an however PASSIONATE ABOUT WORSHIP and also about REVIVAL God’s Manifest Presence being more REAL in our everyday lives and in our Society Like what happened in the Hebrebes Scotland UK in 1948 – 1953 where there was a TREMENDIOS awareness of God and His Holiness througout Society not just Christian Folk

    Maybe my next small step is to Sing Christian Worship Songs
    together with a Christain Musicain again in the Town Shopping Centre ? What are your thoughs Jason ?

    Maybe I could do it also in the Context of PAINTING as I am an Artist Do some Painting then do some Worship with the Christian Musician That way Unbelievers may be atttracted to the ART and Music in a NON THREATENING ENVIRONMENT for them

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