A Vision For Regional “Download Centers” + Michigan Report

Folks, I want to report on my latest adventure which took place in the Marysville/Port Huron Michigan area. For those of you that know that Michigan looks like a giant mitten, I was in the “Upper Thumb” area of the state. This was a ground breaking experience for me because I felt that this trip was truly a break through in the calling that I have to be a regional voice in various regions of the nation and The Nations…

I set up two nights at Marysville AOG with Pastor Jeff Turner. The meetings were not highly attended, but that was not my focus. I knew it was to be a ground breaking trip. I know that I will be going up again soon and consistently after that.

Last year my ministry friend Shawn Bolz, who some of you may know, gave me a word that God was preparing pockets of the USA and Canada for the “sound” that God has given me to release. I know that this region of Michigan is surely one of those areas as well as some doors that I believe are about to open across the border from this region into Canada. Of course I also know that the DFW metroplex is another, and this Saturday I am hosting the first of a monthly series of Regional Rejuvenation Gatherings.

The vision is becoming reality, and the fruit of what happened this past weekend in Michigan is confirmation of what I believe is about to take off. The vision for REGIONAL DOWNLOAD REJUVENATION CENTERS is what the Lord is laying on my heart. Here in Dallas I will host a gathering monthly. In some places it may occur quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly. But I believe that these “pockets” that Shawn B. prophesied to me about are about to one by one be revealed. I believe many have already been revealed and now I am in the beginning of the process of setting up venues for the release of the prophetic atmospheres that the Lord is desiring.

The vision is this, to establish REGIONAL Rejuvenation Download Centers, places that people can come and hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the Church. The vision became reality this past weekend, and this is what we did… quite simple yet very fruitful.

We set up two evenings and invited the region to come and engage into the presence of the Lord. I am not going to teach all about why what we do is effective, that you can find in other posts, podcasts and more. But people were getting downloads left and right, encouragement, direction and more. As a minstrel, I simply created an atmosphere in which people could encounter the Lord and then served the people who came by facilitating them towards seeking and finding the Lord in the midst of his enthronement in the place.

Let me just tell you that I was in my element. This is really what I am created to do in the kingdom. I am looking forward to what the Lord has. I believe that REJUVENATION CENTERS will continue to spring up in the nation and nations, place where people can come to get a clear channel to heaven, hear His voice, and walk in the way and revelation of the Lord.

I could say more, but I look forward to posting future podcasts with messages that I shared while in Michigan. I look forward to what God will build here in DFW, Michigan, Northern Illinois, New England, Tampa, The Pac NW, Canada and more… Please pray that God will open the hearts of leaders to open venues for the release of this ministry.

Talk to you soon… Jason


One Response to “A Vision For Regional “Download Centers” + Michigan Report”

  1. I am so looking forward to Saturday evening. This is taking place at the ANHOP? Is that just north of the church building?

    A listening party……haven’t been to one of those since I used to lead one at our church. We called it Heart of the Lord. We worshipped and listened to see what was on the heart of the Lord before we prayed. Many consider this a mind-bending concept! It is a Spirit birthed truth.

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