Podcast: The Relation of Sound-Light-Worship

I REALLY WANT PEOPLE TO HEAR THIS. I also really want some feedback because I am interested in what you have to say about this as well. This podcast is all about the color spectrum and how it’s related to sound and how that affects us in the presence of God. Red represents the blood and access to the presence of God. Red also is a relative tone that is of a low frequency, the frequencies that bring us to the beginning phases of entry into the presence of God. Hope this gives you enough to take the initiative to listen to this 20 minute episode… I hope it gives you a new perspective into worship, music and the presence of God…

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4 Responses to “Podcast: The Relation of Sound-Light-Worship”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Yes this is the fullness of the glory of God being released in those that have a heart of worship and intense love of the Father. The Lord is raising up men and women in this hour to help facilitate the prophetic sound of true worship….Two things I have heard we are to be doing in this hour and season. [Foster the Glory and Reflect the Glory]. God’s manifest presense is being released thorough the declaration of sound and color. This is at an hour where the sounds and colors are being transduced in raw and natural form of the creativity process. Like you said; “It is Science.” I don’t want to make a formula out of it. I have much to say on this but am just here to encourage you to continue in what your doing for the Kingdom of God. Thanks for taking the time to read this….Marv(509)847-9133 May the Lord Jesus

  2. Jason, Jason, Jason! Wow! Just had the chance to listen to your pod-cast. No, I have NEVER heard praise/worship explained in this way. I have experienced this many times as a worship leader and have adjusted things but hearing it explained like this is PHENOMINAL!

    I really began to notice how I would already be “there” when leading a small group and everyone else was still chatting, complaining, etc. It really annoyed me. Until God gave revelation that as we gathered, we first needed to “shake the city” (work, kids, etc.) off of us.

    So, I began to lead by first encouraging everyone to draw together as one, shake off todays worries and cares (traffice for sure!). We did this by listening to soft music to reconnect ourselves to the Lord, who as you said, is ALWAYS present, we just fail to plug in. I could really sense the spirit become heavy as time was taken to reconnect to the Lord. Sometimes, we would go straight into deep worship (with or without singing or music). Sometimes we would stand up and praise and dance all over the place and then fall into worship. It was something I had to learn over the years and sensing where the Spirit was moving.

    I have taught for many years about the tabernacle pattern of worship. Never had I connected the color or sound spectrum to this. I am a real color seeing person, and I sense with my ears the “sound” of worship on instruments, often happening at different times on different instruments. It’s like God is speaking through them.

    Anyway…..you sound at least as crazy as I am. Or that’s how I often feel in trying to communicate these things to people. Perhaps the understanding is only for a few and given for us to teach and lead the others into the place of reconnection and yielding.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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