Keeping Your Outlook Positive By Staying In The Spirit

Romans 8:5 – New English Translation – “For those who live according to the flesh have their outlook shaped by the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit have their outlook shaped by the things of the Spirit.”

I love this translation because of the wording “have their outlook shaped by.”

It’s according to what we live by that affects our outlook on life. This is a major reason why it’s important for us to get into atmospheres that keep us in tune with the spirit of God. Before this writing, I was spending time just listening for the Lord. I spent time engaging into the presence of the Lord in an atmosphere of instrumental music and God began to manifest a word to me that I needed to see and hear. I began to see the Lord as a master conductor, I saw him putting things in order and in place for my life.

If I am seeking after the spirit, I feel as if I will not desire the flesh based on the great things I am seeing in the spirit and as a result of living in the spirit. I have noticed that in my life, I am more joyous and excited about my life and future when I am living in the midst of seeking a life in the spirit of God.

Our very outlook on life is really shaped by what we are living according to, the flesh or spirit. I want to stay in the spirit so that my outlook on life is what God wants me to be seeing. I saw in my spirit as if God were a puppeteer, all of these different things were on strings. God revealed to me that it does not matter what he can control if I have not given him control of me… He can move all of those things around, but if he can’t move me, I will never get to those places.

I used to think there were seasons when God stopped his favor on my life because I was not living the way that I should be, but what if it was just that he could not move me! Submitting to God is kind of like attaching yourself to his will for you so that he can move you to the places he wants you to be. Our outlook is shaped in his will because he actually then has the ability to move us into the direction in which we will see what he has for us…

Lord, keep us in step with your spirit and keep our outlook on life in accordance with you will as we submit ourselves to you.



4 Responses to “Keeping Your Outlook Positive By Staying In The Spirit”

  1. Wow, I just got encouraged by my own self…

  2. I’ am praying that God will continues to work on me & bless me to be humble in live by the word of God’ I am trying so hard to stay in the spirit & NOT THE FLESH please pray for me as I pray for my self every time I attempt to do good evil always present I know that I can’t give up because I believe into the word of God’ Lord I look to you please keep your hands on me at all time’s I’ve allowed the devil to attack me to many time’s I am at my breaking point’ but I refuse to let the devil win’ I am praying for a healing to the body /mind /soul I’ve been down that long road before I am not going back God pull me through from my pass’ this is my future life now’ I love serving for you Lord I need you to cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ’ I’ve come AMIGHTY long way God have change my hold life i say thank you Lord’ the devil don’t like that so he’s attacking me over & over again but I am not GONNA let him steal my joy or my spirit’ because God has choosing me for a reason so devil be gone you are a liar I want give in to you’ I will step on you & turn in walk away from you because you are nobody & I am some body that’s walking in the spirit of the Lord’ I love you dear Lord you heard my cry….:)’ I almost let go but the grace of God save me’


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