My 1st Book Will Be Coming Out This Year

Hey Folks… It has been a while since my last post. My goal in starting this blog this year was that it would be a place of release for things concerning worship, sound, music and the prophetic. One of the great things that has come about from this blog is the fact that I have been really stirred in research and writing.

If you don’t know, in January of 2009 I began the writing of a book focused on the same things that this blog is focused on. I spent almost 2 1/2 months consistently researching and writing. In the summer travel picked up and I felt the Lord told me to put the book to the side. That lasted until around the end of the year. In January I sensed a real grace from God to pick it back up and I have been on a tear for the past month. I am very excited about how this book is coming together.

I don’t feel it is yet time to reveal the title or even a detailed premise, but I feel that this blog will be used to release excerpts from the book over the course of the next few months as things begin to develop towards the release. My prayers are that God will reveal how this book is to be released, but I am certain in my spirit that it is to be released sometime this summer/autumn.

So many of my future posts here will be related to what I am about to release. I will also be releasing some podcasts soon that will contain excerpts from our recent gathering Rejuvenation Equipping Weekend.

I wanted to take this opportunity to release a statement of faith that this book will be released in 2010. It is a prophetic act as well as a way to keep me motivated and accountable to the goals that God is giving. Talk to you soon… Jason


5 Responses to “My 1st Book Will Be Coming Out This Year”

  1. Jason–sounds awesome bro! I’m in the same process myself right now.

  2. Jeff I am excited to read what God is speaking through you bro…

  3. I am excited & anticipating great things in this book ~ as they say in the publishing industry ~ a release date of 2010 ~ but it will probably pub in 2011 ~ can’t wait to see/hear it!

  4. Hey it’s 2011… almost done

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