Hearing God For The Practical Things In Life

Hey folks… I have been really thinking and writing a lot lately… One of the biggest desires of my heart is to see people learn how to listen for the voice of the Lord, not just in church, worship or their “quiet times” but also IN THE MIDST OF LIVING EVERYDAY REAL LIFE!

Before my Grandfather John went to the next level, he told me stories about how God would speak to him at his job. He worked for a machine shop back in the day. Sometimes the machines would break down and nobody but my Grandpa could figure out how to fix them. My Grandpa told me he used to go back into the locker room and lay on a bench. He told me God would take him into visions in which he showed my Grandpa how to fix the machines, where the parts were broken and what to do about it. Then, he would get up and go out and do what he saw in his spirit and the machines would run again… CRAZY STUFF

Do you think that God cares about the little things in our lives? He does and he wants to speak to us more than we know.

Today I went to figure out why my washing machine was leaking water. I found out that the drain tube was too short and that water was not getting all the way into the drain pipe in the wall, thus causing excess water to come off the top. As I was investigating, God put a flash in my spirit where I saw myself wrapping a toilet paper cardboard tube with duck tape….

So, I rigged all that together and extended the tube, put it down the wall drain pipe and extended it by about 5 inches. I tested it out and the pipe no longer leaked like it had been!

The word of God says in Proverbs 8:12

“I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.”

God has answers to our needs, even ones that seem small or insignificant to others. My encouragement to you today is to learn how to hear God for the small things of life. The practical things of life. He is so ready to speak the mysteries of the ages, of his love for us, and also how to fix a hose on a washing machine… Let’s go after it all AMEN. Talk to you next time… Jason


One Response to “Hearing God For The Practical Things In Life”

  1. Salawu Akinkunmi A. Says:

    Just want to bless God for your life sir and this great work that God is doing through you. I so much enjoy all your posts that I read through this morning because all of them are hidden truth and revelation from God reserved to people who are God’s very own. I must say you have bless and touch me in a new way this morning. Thanks and God bless you the more .Pls keep up the good work and continue to get deeper in God. Shalom Sir.

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