Quick Update on Rejuvenation Weekend Fort Worth


Saturday night we went to the places in God that I have dreamed of taking people. Nic and Rachael Billman were such blessings and I realized just how good of friends and great people they are. I can’t really describe to you what happened that night.

Soon I will be working on editing both the worship times and the speaking sessions and releasing them on the web. Some things can only be experienced. I will tell you this, I am more excited about the calling on my life than I have been in a long time. The Lord just told me a few months ago to just go for this, and to set up this weekend. There were a few distractions and even frustrations along the way, but I believe we broke through into something this past weekend. For those that came, it was a blessing and we received many testimonies of how the teaching and time in the musical atmosphere really affected their lives.

I really look forward to releasing video and audio from the weekend asap. My prayer now is that God will open many doors for me and my team to take this out on the road to share with others. I also feel a strong anointing to finish up the book that I started a year ago. I am realizing that I wrote more than I thought so it may not take long at all to finish up the first draft. Be praying for me to stay motivated over the next few weeks to get this done, and then for the next steps towards publication to become clear. I think on Thursday, after my HOP session, I will be devoting the day to spending with the Lord and writing… The atmosphere at Barnes and Nobles just is not doing it for me anymore. Talk to you soon – Jason


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