My Journey Back To The Prayer Room – Part 2 of 2

Let’s move on to the second thing I mentioned, the goal of 24/7. I will be more brief on this, but basically when you make a House of Prayer ministry more about filling a schedule then you miss the point. Let me say something that may shock you. I don’t really think God cares if your house of prayer ministry goes for 2 hours a day, 12 hours a day or 24 hours a day. I think God is more interested in the quality of our hearts more than the quantity of time slots. The filled schedule on the website impresses man a lot more than it does God. This issue is also related to the fact that a House of Prayer ministry, if it is truly modeled after David’s Tabernacle, has a lot more to do with ministering to God than it does to men. If this is really all about the Vertical Psalmist Expression to Minister Unto The Lord, then let’s do this and be content with the fact that WE ARE BLESSING THE FATHER. But to me, it seems that the tendency seems to go in the direction of accommodating people and not the Lord Himself.

So, to sum this up, I don’t want to be a part of a House of Prayer ministry that requires that I limit and express my expression for no other reason than the fact that it does not line up with one person’s formula. I also don’t want to be a part of a House of Prayer ministry that concerns itself more with building the ministry itself than focusing on ministering to the Lord.

These issues that I have discussed really arose as a result of only a few people who are no longer affiliated with the ANHOP. One of the things that really excites me and is playing a major role in my decision to be involved with ANHOP again is the fact that the current director, Lewis Hogan, is an amazing man, leader and director. I am excited to be joining forces with a leader like him. There are exciting things that the Lord is going to be doing in and around this place.

I’m excited to be getting back into the House of Prayer. I’m not going back so I can fill a slot in the schedule. I’m not doing it because I need one more thing to do. I’m excited to be doing it because I know that each week at 9am God is going to be waiting for me. God is going to be excited that I am going to release the breath He breathed into me back to Him as worship. I am really interested in using this time as a place to create music and atmosphere in which myself and others who join me can focus on, meditate on and tune in to the voice of the Father. I want to spend time just listening for what He has to say. I would not be surprised if I go in on a Thursday one week and never utter a word for the whole hour. It’s time to be as good of listeners as we are talkers when it comes to our relationship with the Lord.

So, that is a little on this issue with me. I welcome your comments. I know some things I have said may have struck a positive or even negative chord, but this is a journey so I welcome your comments as we discover together. Recently, I made a call to a friends podcast line and shared some of my feeling towards an issue that I was somewhat frustrated about. He responded to my call on a later podcast, and by the time he was done, my perspective had entirely changed. He did not judge my initial call, but he stated a different perspective that I was not looking at and it really caused me to shift my perspective to one that was much more positive. So feed back is good. Hey, I will let you go for now.

Talk to you soon… Jason


5 Responses to “My Journey Back To The Prayer Room – Part 2 of 2”

  1. I’m so glad you’re back, Jason!
    When we get down to the heart of the matter, it’s all about crying out night and day for God to be glorified and His government to take place on the earth.

    As we are overwhelmed with His beauty and minister to Him first and foremost, we naturally connect with His heart for the poor and needy.
    It’s not the method that’s the most important. It’s the heart.

    Love you both and can’t wait to see that baby!

  2. Good article Jason,

    I do think you are overreacting just a bit by stating that God doesn’t care at all about how many time slots a house of prayer has. He cares about more than just the heart of the Seraphim who minister to Him around His throne, He also wants and is worthy of the perpetual night and day adoration in in Heaven and on the earth just as it is in heaven. I agree that He has a call to each individual HOP and what matters is that they follow what they believe God is calling them to do and for sure not every HOP ministry is called to establish 24/7 prayer. I also totally agree that God cares more about the heart than anything and the ministry of worship and prayer is for Him first and foremost. But there are many HOP ministry’s that God has desired and called to do 24/7 prayer and “fill up time slots”. The main thing however, is for each of us to just be sensitive to Him and what he wants. Night and day prayer is still a vital component to the restoration of the Tabernacle of David in our day and will continue to be until the Lord returns. We just need to keep the priority of ministering to the Lord as central and not be swayed by the opinions of men as we labor before the Lord to establish His house. He is worthy of it all for sure, no matter what form it takes in our prayer schedules. Good word bro.

    • Good call J… As I learn to better express in writing what I am thinking, I agree with you that to say that God does “not care” about how many time slots are in a schedule is not the best way to say what I was thinking. He does care, but my point was that we can’t be so consumed with reaching goals that we don’t enjoy what is already in place, and so does the Lord enjoy what is in place. Basically the point I was trying to make is that God cares about right where we are and does want the increase to come, but we need to enjoy the journey and enjoy the stage we are in as well and not act like that where we are NOW is not significant because we are not at the ultimate level or goal. I am so open to input man… I receive it man…

  3. You make total sense man. Lets Just enjoy Him more and let God build what he wants as we pursue our pleasure in simply being with Him. Lets enjoy the journey!!!

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