Glory Report from Carlsbad New Mexico

Did I ever tell you I am a from a town of only 26,000? And technically, I did not even live in town, but out in the country about 10 miles from town. I lived in a house surrounded by corn fields. It was not until the Lord spoke to me to leave my home town and move to Baltimore, MD that I really became enlightened to more understanding of the prophetic and the gifts of the spirit.

I still remember the first time I danced in worship, and it wasn’t even until I was 20 years old at a Tommy Tenney meeting in Baltimore, MD. I had to leave the small town to find people who were moving in these ways so that I could have an example of what was possible in God. No offense to those reading from my home town, but that was also 15 years ago and great things are going on in the N Illinois area right now, I know, I was just there to see and experience it.

So, why am I bringing all this up? Because I just got back from ministering in a small town, Carlsbad, NM. Talk about a desolate landscape! I joked with Andy Welser, my drummer, that the scenery looked like the background from a Flintstones cartoon when they repeat the same background over and over and over… that’s what it looks like driving through that area of NM. I know NM fans, not all of it looks like this! But let me tell you that it is always an honor for me to go into a small town like this and bring the BLOW UP GLORY PRESENCE OF GOD. I mean to go in and just let loose and create an atmosphere of freedom like they may have never seen, that is an honor.

Coming from a small town myself, I wish that someone would have come to my town and exemplified to me what it meant to go to these places in the Holy Spirit. That is why I am now motivated to drive 15 hours in a 24 hour period to go do one night of ministry. It’s because I know those people are hungry for something more. You want to find the hungry, go to the rural areas of our nation, you will find some of the most hungry for God people you have ever seen.

I want to thank our financial partners in this post, because you put the gas in the car for me to get there. You make it possible for me and those that travel with me to go and bless people in places such as Carlsbad. The meeting was incredible, we will be posting some videos soon of some of the worship time.

This is my heart for rural areas of the nation. I would love to continue to travel to places like Carlsbad, NM – Branson, MO – Lena, IL and more.

That’s all for today… Look for the VLOGS coming soon…

Talk to you soon… Jason


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