New Series: The Differences between a Worship Leader, Psalmist & Minstrel Part 1

Pre-Note – Please Read: This three-part series has easily been the most popular post on my blog getting upwards to 50 search hits WEEKLY… If you’ve found this post through a search or any other way, I want to encourage you to watch the following 4 minute video and consider ordering my new book The Potential of God’s Presence. There is 100x more info in this book than I could ever share in a blog post… Bless you on your journey to discover more about worship leading, the minstrel, psalmist and more… (added November 1, 2011)

I was recently listening to an interview with Prophetic Minstrel Alberto Rivera ( Alberto and his wife Kimberly are my favorite minstrels and move together in a special way as a husband and wife team. One thing that I liked that Alberto said in his interview was that in the midst of a gathering of believers, there is more than one type of “flow” possible. The three that he mentioned were from God to Man – Man to God – Man to Man. You will hear me say this all the time, but I believe that music is a neutral tool that can be used for the purpose of encountering God. In a musical atmosphere, all of the “flows” that Alberto described are possible. It is important for us, especially leaders, to know which flow is being directed in the moment by the Holy Spirit.

The understanding of these “flows” is important as we talk about the differences between the Psalmist, Minstrel, and what is commonly referred to as Worship Leader. I want to deal today with the Psalmist.

A Psalmist is one who engages in a Vertical Communication with God. This is where the Man-God flow really begins. It the release of our song and sound to God. It is the choice that we have to release the breath that He breathed into us back unto Him as worship. The truest form of worship comes when our first-hand inspiration is given back to God in a form of communication that praises the Lord.

With all this in mind, it’s my belief that every person is a Psalmist. You may not be called to do this from a platform, but you are called to do this with your life. The greatest example of a Psalmist was the young David. Picture David in the sheep field singing songs to the Lord from his heart, strumming on his harp. That is the Psalmist. That is who you are. Each of us, from no other inspiration than who He is, is called to release our song and our sound unto the Lord.

The Psalmist is each of us… The Psalmist is from Man to God… The Psalmist is inspired by God alone and releases inspiration of who God is back as praise… The Psalmist sings new songs…

Next time, we share on the Worship Leader… One of my thoughts as I conclude the Psalmist… If all of us lived as Psalmists, no Worship Leaders would be necessary… Find out why in Part 2

Talk to you soon – Jason


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    please put up part 2 asap!!!!!

  2. Deloris Says:

    I AGREE!!!!! More

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    there is more than one type of “flow” possible. The three that he mentioned were from God to Man – Man to God – Man to Man.*copied*

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