The Continual Continualness of This Journey

I have come to realize that this journey of tuning into the presence of God will continue to be, well… Continual. Have you ever gone to an incredible conference in which you were utterly changed in the presence of God, only to have to go home and get back up for work on Monday feeling like you  “LOST” what you had “GAINED” at the conference. It’s an utter falsehood. What you gained at that event was an understanding of what CAN be available to you at the drop of a proverbial hat, anytime, anyplace…

I notice that some get used to feeling that these intimate and life shifting times with God are available only at such gatherings etc… There IS something to be said about the power of a corporate drawing on God, but that is not what I’m writing about at the moment. On this journey, in this relationship you just have to realize that today is today and that this is a good day to TUNE IN to his presence.

I see some that always seem to be going after the “NEXT LEVEL” or greater experience in God. I feel that consistency in this journey should be of a higher priority. The New American Standard Version of Isaiah 26:3 reads, “The steadfast of mind YOU will keep at perfect peace, because he trusts in YOU.”

It’s a challenge, even a battle, to keep your mind renewed. The word says the steadfast will be kept at perfect peace, not those that have a few yearly highs. Those experiences are valid, great, and even necessary. But they are also just moments in the continualness of this journey. So… go after HIM today. Get into a place of contemplation today. Get the peace that is yours as a member of THE KINGDOM today… talk to you soon – Jason


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